Pricing + Services


From $750

Price Varies By Project

After staging hundreds of homes, 80% sold at or above asking price, and 78% sold in the first week. The others? They didn’t follow the plan.

Walk-Through of Staged House

Why Do I Have To Stage?

87% of homes sell faster when they are staged. I didn't make that up. It is a statistic from The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). The top producing realtors are the ones that would never list a home if staging wasn't a part of their listing presentation. I always say, "Not staging your home is like wearing a great dress and heels...and forgetting about your hair and make-up." Why would you do that? You only have one chance to wow your buyer as soon as they walk in the front door, and my job is to convince them that they have just walked into THEIR home, not yours. With all the new construction consistently taking over the Triangle area it's even more imperative for a resale home to look perfectly presentable. And remember, however much you spend on staging...will never be as much as the first price drop when you're home isn't selling. 


The Consultation

This is where it all begins. I analyze the home with the homeowner starting at the curb. It takes about an hour and a half to go through every nook and cranny and give my expert recommendations on what to remove, keep, pre-pack or rearrange. At this time I put things aside as I shop your home, choosing which of your items will make the pictures stand out. Staging is not a practical way to live, but my goal is to seduce your new buyer with the marketing pictures, get them to the home, and voila! Love at first sight. After the consultation the seller will have a clear plan and know exactly what to do to get the home ready for listing as well as accessories to purchase if needed. 

From $185 (this usually covers homes up to 3500 sq. ft.)


Picture-Ready Prep/Occupied Staging:

This service happens after the work is done from the initial consultation. We will come back and put the finishing touches in place right before the marketing pictures are taken. I call this "the love inducing factor." I will depersonalize your home, but add the coziness to evoke future memories in it for the buyer. I like to do this with "table-scapes" using your china. Re-hanging your pictures at the right level and scale, and making the beds while placing linens/towels just so. I also create fun playfulness in bonus rooms with your games and toys. It's the best bang for your budget buck because I only use what you already have. When we are finished I will walk through the home with you. I love to see my homeowners reactions, it's the best part of what I do. 

Price Varies By Project


Closing Gift for Realtors:

Why not get your new home owners excited about their purchase with professional decorating ideas? Especially if they're first time home buyers and they've had furniture from college and they don't know where to put the couch or what color to paint their bedroom. What about a sectional? What if we look at a new round table for the kitchen? And we've got to have a cozy rug for the living room. Is this your office...or future nursery? I have answers to all of these questions up my sleeve, and will leave them feeling motivated and comfy. The best part? Every time they sit at their dining room table, under a cool new light fixture that I've suggested...they will think of YOU. 

Price varies based on home sale price.


Your Space=Happy Place:

If you're not moving and you just want some new ideas on your home that hasn't been redecorated since your kids were living in it...and now they're bringing your grandchildren home--I can help. We'll focus on a few rooms or, all of them. I can give recommendations on changing wall colors, replacing carpets, putting in new floors, updating kitchens and bathrooms and buying new furniture. I love working with my single parents too. Sometimes when a spouse moves out they take the furniture or the kitchen sink with them. I can make your broken home a happy place again. Therapy included. 

$150 an hour after $225 initial consult.


Vacant Stagings

What if there's nothing in my house for you to even use? I work alongside the most talented staging companies in the Triangle area and am happy to refer you to them to fulfil your furniture inventory needs.